Uno Mas Truck Wrap

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular, especially here in Wichita. And just like any dine-in restaurant, ambiance is vital to drawing in new customers. Think about it. Would you be interested in approaching a grungy food truck with a hand-scrawled cardboard sign for a menu? Maybe if you’re a risk taker, but definitely not if you’re like the majority of the population. This is why quality graphics on your mobile restaurant are a smart investment. We’ve helped install graphics on a number of Wichita’s food trucks including Wichita Brewing Company’s Hopperoni Express and Uno Mas.  Check it out—





We can’t take the credit for the graphic design of this wrap. Clutch Studio designed it, but we printed and installed the graphics. Are you in the market for vehicle graphics of your own? Stop by the office to get a quote for anything from minor vinyl decals to a full wrap. Our office hours are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.