Do you need to catch up on the lingo?

There are some things we say here in the shop that you might hear about the design process, but not quite understand. We are always here to help!

The Process

Wire frame: A basic layout that doesn’t have design elements.

Comps: The next creative step, usually when the design goes digital.

Prototype: A later […]

Paint the Town Red

For so long, people avoided using red in their signage. This was especially true for the retail and science industry. We were told it was taboo: red is bad. You know, unless you were either McDonalds or Coca-Cola, who for the longest time proved with their logo that sometimes it is best to break […]

Top 10 Tips for Effective Sign Usage

Effective signage is truly the difference between revenue growth and a stagnant bottom line. Unfortunately, all too often signs are an after-thought, and businesses just put up something that’s cheap. Big mistake! Avoid common pitfalls with these tips.

Tip #1: Less is more.

Whatever your sign’s purpose, less is always more. Think fewer colors, […]

How Do I Clean My Sign?

How Should I Clean and Store My Banners?

Taking care of your banner gives your business, organization, etc. a great impression. Here is a quick and easy tip to cleaning your banner. It is recommended to clean vinyl banner wit a mild dose of soap and water. DO NOT use any aggressive chemicals, abrasive […]

6 Questions To Determine The Best Material For Your Sign

It’s impossible to count the number of times we’ve had clients come in or call with an order, but they were uncertain what material they needed. There’s a set of questions we always ask when this happens. In an effort to expedite the order process, we’ve decided to share these questions with you—

1) […]

Graphic Design: 4 Things We MUST Know Before Starting Your Order

­When you’re placing a signage order with any company, it’s imperative that you ask about art charges and set up fees. It would be awful to get an unexpected $150 charge on an order you for which you were only quoted $100, right? We certainly think so!

As we mentioned in this blog, having […]

Artwork Guidelines

VECTOR ARTWORK Convert type to curves or specify typestyle. Convert outlines or strokes to a shape or path— ensures proper thickness of design during conversion. Designate Pantone equivalent for all spot colors. Gradients or transparencies may be reproduced in 4-color process. Artwork should be at size & laid out containing shape indicating the […]

Real Estate Signs: Options, Costs, & More

Aluminum real estate signs are an excellent signage option for realtors, property management companies, event companies, and more. With an aluminum panel bolted into a heavy duty angle aluminum frame, the longevity of these signs is worth the initial expense.

We offer real estate signs in two main sizes: 24” x 18” and 28” […]

Shedding Light on Color

For someone unfamiliar with print industry lingo, all of the jargon related to color can be confusing. What’s CMYK? What about RGB? Why can’t you use RGB for print? And what the heck is Pantone? Like we said, it’s confusing!

Essentially there are two main divisions to color: RGB and CMYK. Pantone is an […]

Custom Christmas Gifts: A Brief Tale of Disaster, Ingenuity, and Christmas Spirit

Everyone loves to say that holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but with all the hustle and bustle it’s not uncommon for disaster to strike. Last month one of our clients, Callcap, contacted us looking for custom Christmas goodies to send to several of their major clients. With access to thousands […]