Market Your Brand With Back To School Promo

If children and/or parents are your target market, don’t overlook back to school products as a way to build your brand and boost sales. Items like water bottles and lunch pails are used daily and often seen by both parent and child. One thing we always stress to clients is that consumers love useful promotional products. In fact a study conducted by PPAI found that usefulness was the main factor affecting whether or not consumers kept promotional products. Health items ranked second on the list of most useful products. View our list back to school items below!

Drawstring Bags

Especially popular with preteens and up, drawstring bags have multiple uses. Students can use them to tote personal belongings on field trips, store gym clothes during the school day, keep smaller school supplies in, etc. Up the usefulness by splurging on bags with zippered compartments on the front.

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Water Bottles

If Rhianna wrote a song about water, she’d tell you to “Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink” it all day long. Encourage the younger generation to build and maintain healthy habits by donating branded water bottles to local schools. Insulated options are great for sporting events and field trips while the plastic collapsible bottles are ideal for daily use.

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Lunch Bags

Another product used daily— the lunch pail. Are you a distributor of food or beverages? Consider handing out free lunch pails with your logo at an upcoming school event. Parents and children will be reminded of your brand each day.

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Flash Drives

Who says flash drives are a thing of the past? These come in handy for older students working on essays and research projects or teachers keeping track of tons of information. Our wristband option is a perfect for those who are constantly forgetting to bring their flash drives to class.

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Interested in a different promotional product not featured here? Check out our database of available products . We guarantee you’ll find the perfect item for your brand!