Screen printing: Quick, Efficient, & Durable

Though other manners of printing are becoming increasingly more common in the sign industry, screen printing continues to be one of the most time- and money-efficient ways for businesses to produce mass quantities of signs. Back in January we mentioned that we’d done numerous plates for Redguard. In total, we’ve printed close to 15,000 signs for the company since its name change. Aside from having hard-working production employees (thanks, Tyson, Greg, Kenny, Scott, and Manny), the primary reason we’ve been able to produce such a large number of signs in a timely manner is our automatic press. Essentially, the machine is prepped for printing and during the printing process it resets itself for each plate. Thus, each sign takes only a matter of seconds to print.


Here’s Tyson using the automatic press:





This is just the first color. Once the plates have had a chance to dry, Tyson will use the press to apply the second color. Screen printed signs are quite durable. Even exposed to the elements, the ink can go 5-7 years before it starts to fade.

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