6 Questions To Determine The Best Material For Your Sign

It’s impossible to count the number of times we’ve had clients come in or call with an order, but they were uncertain what material they needed. There’s a set of questions we always ask when this happens. In an effort to expedite the order process, we’ve decided to share these questions with you—

1) Where is this sign going? Different materials are ideal for indoor signs versus outdoor signs. You don’t need a giant 4’ x 8’ aluminum sign for your tradeshow booth when a lightweight banner will do. Nor do you want to use a banner for your construction site sign that needs to be up for several months.

2) What is this sign being used for? This is similar to the question above, but if you tell us you’re looking for a banner to use in your tradeshow booth versus a banner to hang in front of your business, we’ll probably tell you about items we offer specifically for trade shows, such as tablecloths and backdrops. These options create a more professional appearance at such events. Knowing about a particular event you’re using a product for helps us make the best recommendation.

3) How are you mounting this sign? Just like where you’re using the sign, it’s important that we know how you plan to hang it. This helps us determine if any special brackets are required, if the sign will be single-sided or double-sided, and if the material we’ve picked will truly work best. For instance, if you want a 4’ x 8’ banner to use outdoors in an open space, we’d recommend mounting it to u-posts. You’ll also want wind slits because Kansas winds can quickly shred a banner without them.

4) How often will you use this sign? Continuing with the trade show idea from question #2— Say you ask about a foamcore board, but tell us you’ll be using it at several expos. We’re going to steer you in a different direction. Some materials are meant for one time use, while others can be used several times. Foamcore tends to get dings and dents during transport to and from events, so in this instance we’d be more likely to recommend a retractable banner or PVC sign.

5) How long will your sign be up? Are you setting up wayfinding signs for a one-day event? If so, we’d probably recommend coroplast yard signs. On the flipside, if you’re ordering a storefront sign that you hope to use for several years, we’ll probably suggest aluminum or a different long-term material.

6) What is your budget? You might come to us thinking you’ll only be able to afford a 4’ x 8’ banner to hang above your business storefront, when in reality you can afford a 4’x 8’ aluminum or polymetal panel. By being forthcoming with your budget for a sign, we can help you get the best bang for your buck on signage.

Take these questions into consideration before placing your next sign order. It makes the order process more efficient and allows us to better understand your needs before making additional suggestions. 

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