15 Holiday Gifts Even Scrooge Would Love

We know, we know. The turkey deserves his fifteen minutes. Though it’s only mid-November, the holidays are already on everyone’s mind. And if there’s one thing we love about the holidays, it’s presents! Are you searching for the perfect gift to show employees and clients your gratitude? The best advice we can give you is to find something yummy, useful, or both. Don’t waste your money on something people won’t appreciate. The following are 15 gift ideas guaranteed to please even the bah-humbuggiest of people.

1) Power banks

Does your business deal with travel, the great outdoors, or perhaps safety? Then these power banks are the perfect holiday gift for your employees and clientele! Available in six colors and with a minimum quantity of 100, starting cost for this trendy tech product is roughly $7 per piece.

power bank with custom imprint

2) PowerKit Charger

One step above our power banks is our charger kit. Complete with a car charger, wall charger, and multi-device connector cord, employees and clients will never be without a charged phone. Prices start around $60 for one or $45 each for a quantity of 10.

power kit: includes car charger, wall charger, etc.

3) Text-Touch Gloves

Winter is always the worst for techies. Constantly having to remove your gloves just to use a phone or tablet is a hassle. Fear not! We have a solution for your frozen fingers— text-touch gloves. The option below has a minimum quantity of 50, starts at about $9 per pair of gloves, and is available in black only.

text-touch gloves

4) Carhartt Coat

If your employees will be spending their entire day out in the elements, these thermal-lined Carhartt coats are the perfect holiday gift for them. Contact us for pricing, colors, and sizes here.

carhartt coat

5) Beanie

It’s winter. It’s cold. You get the drift. Do your employees spend a lot of time in the wonderful outdoors? Consider giving out these waffle knit beanies for the holidays. With seven colors available, prices start at $11 each for a quantity of 48. Want to go one step further? Consider our basecamp Camping Essentials gift set. It includes a 16 oz. stainless steel tumbler and a custom-embroidered beanie. Prices start at $19 each for a quantity of 50.

beanie options

6) Tumbler

Speaking of tumblers, why not hand out this beautiful stainless steel mod tumbler? Available in blue, copper, green, red, or silver, prices start at $14 apiece for a quantity of 36. Mod not your style? We also offer this fantastic Godiva Tumbler gift set, complete with a stainless steel/leatherette tumbler, two Godiva bars, and three Godiva gems. Yum! Prices start at $50 apiece for 12 sets.  You can also browse our hundreds (literally) of tumbler options here.

tumbler options

7) Mug

Are you sensing the cup theme we’ve got going on? Whether you want tumblers or good ol’ fashioned mugs, we’ve got an option for you. Below is our 16 oz. copper coated mug. Pricing starts at $12 apiece for a quantity of 25. Another choice is our 14 oz. bistro mug.  Available in a myriad of colors, prices start around $6 for a quantity of 48.

mug options

8) Beverages

But wait! There’s more. Don’t just hand out a mug for the holidays. Hand out a mug filled with goodies. Trust us, employees and clientele will love these hot chocolate spoons (available in milk chocolate or peppermint). Prices start around $3.75 each with a minimum quantity of 100. Don’t care for the spoons? Go for hot cocoa packets instead. We also carry these custom-printed bags of hot chocolate or tea. Prices for these start at $1.30 a bag for a quantity of 250.

beverages joined

9) Food

Polls among employees have shown that useful and/or yummy gifts are most appreciated during the holidays. If beverages aren’t your thing but you want to stick with the edible idea, check out our s’mores kits ($7 apiece, min. quantity 100), candy gift bags ($5 apiece, min. quantity 150), and treat boxes ($7 apiece, min. quantity 150).

food joined

10) Candy Cane Card

Maybe you’re not interested in handing out over-the-top or pricey gifts, but you still want to let people know you appreciate them. Send out a heartfelt message on these custom-printed cards. Starting at $0.85 apiece for a quantity of 250, these come with a full-color print.


11) Ornaments

Employees and clientele alike will love our multiple ornament options. Choose from an engraved snowflake ($3.50 apiece for 100), our light-up ornament ($5 apiece for 80), or our engraved glass ornaments ($7.50 each for 36).

ornaments joined

12) Wine

Hosting a company holiday party? Send attendees home with these cute miniature wine bottles. Including a full-color custom label, prices start around $10 apiece.

Have a few employees or clients that have really made your year special? Show your appreciation with this beautiful engraved wooden wine box set (includes two bottles of wine with custom labels). Prices start around $91 per set for twelve.

wine options

13) Champagne

Holidays are always a time for celebration. Consider gifting employees with these custom-printed champagne bottles to ring in the New Year. Prices start around $30 each for a quantity of one.

champagne with custom label

14) Wine Tool Set

To round out or wine trend we’ve got these luxurious wine tool sets in a Cherrywood case. The set includes a corkscrew, bottle stopper, drip ring, and wine pourer. Pricing begins at $15 apiece for a quantity of 50.

wine tool kit

15) Blanket

Holidays are a time for snuggling under a cozy blanket next to the fireplace. These plush polar fleece blankets are perfect for that scenario! Available in twelve colors, pricing starts around $8 each for a quantity of 50 and includes a custom-embroidered logo.

fleece blankets

Looking for something different this season? Contact us at sales@signsdesignwichita.com or browse our promotional products here.

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