We <3 Wichita!

Today marks the 147th birthday of our lovely city, Wichita. To celebrate, we’re taking a look at recent jobs we did featuring the Wichita Flag. Check it out!

Starting with the truck: (1) Wichita Flag truck done for Auto Craft/Wichita Chamber, (2) etch installed on the front of our building, (3) backlit sign created and installed in the Wichita Chamber office, (4) velveteen plush giveaway blanket, and (5) second shot of the printed etch installed on our storefront.
  1. The Wichita Flag truck was a fun project! When the Wichita Chamber and Auto Craft approached us about their idea, we were definitely excited! We enjoyed this particular job because it pushed us creatively, allowed us to build our full-wrap portfolio, and quite honestly, we love the bragging rights we got when the job was done. Who doesn’t want to say they’re responsible for the first Wichita Flag vehicle?
  2. The etch is a work in progress. Unfortunately our first go ’round, the ink on the etch didn’t bleed all the way through. However, since it still looks like etched glass from the storefront, we’re not too upset. The rest of the of our storefront has window etch, so at least this is uniform with that theme. Personally, I think it’s kind of cool, like a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back! #amiright
  3. The backlit sign. Wow. Talk about a challenging, but incredibly fun, job! We’ve done some backlit signage in the past, but we built this one totally from scratch. I’d get into all the technical mumbo jumbo, but even I don’t understand it. Luckily we have a team of installers with a very particular set of skills…skills they have acquired over a very long career (Okay. I’ll stop with the Liam Neeson references, but you can’t tell me you didn’t start reading that in his voice!).
  4. When I pulled our Wichita Flag blanket out of the box, all I could think of was the little girl from Despicable Me screaming “It’s soo fluffy!”. This blanket is so soft. That’s probably why it’s called a velveteen plush blanket. There was no distortion on the sublimated printing, and the blanket was fairly inexpensive for a custom print. We charge $48.50 per blanket, less when you do a larger quantity.

How do you show your pride for Wichita? Do you have a flag decal on your car or maybe a cool sign or table top? If you’re currently looking for a custom flag product, give us a shout. Whether it’s wall art, decals, or an actual flag, we can help you out.

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