Real Estate Signs: Options, Costs, & More

Aluminum real estate signs are an excellent signage option for realtors, property management companies, event companies, and more. With an aluminum panel bolted into a heavy duty angle aluminum frame, the longevity of these signs is worth the initial expense.

We offer real estate signs in two main sizes: 24” x 18” and 28” x 20”. Another size that is becoming increasingly more popular is 30” x 18”. Base pricing on these signs includes a heavy duty frame with a double-sided, full-color sign panel. The 24” x 18” signs start at $50 and the 28” x 20” signs start at $60.

Here’s a 24″ x 18″ real estate sign with dry erase laminate. Our client uses this each year to sell tickets to the Midian Shrine Circus.

When we assemble real estate sign frames, we typically use a digitally printable film and laminate or cut vinyl. Both options have a lifespan of about seven years before the print starts to fade. Cut vinyl is most often found on signs with one color text and a white background, while laminated digital prints are used when a sign is multi-color or has a colored background.

One question we frequently get when it comes to real estate signs is if the client can save money by using a coroplast blank (like garage sale signs) in the frame instead of aluminum. The answer is yes, and no. The initial cost of using a coroplast sign panel is less expensive. We UV print instead of applying vinyl or digital graphics, which saves money. However, UV prints do not last as long when used outdoors. The coroplast material itself is also not meant for long term use. This means you’ll have to replace the panel more often. Thus you might save money up front with coroplast panels, but you won’t in the long run. 

There are several specialty options available for real estate signs such as dry erase laminate or reflective material. Dry erase laminate is ideal for entities like Home Owners Associations, who can use the same sign but change out information for monthly meetings. Reflective material is becoming trendier for realtors who want to increase the visibility of their signs in the evening hours. Specialty options will add to the cost of a real estate sign, and depending on the material it can shorten the lifespan of the sign. For more information regarding real estate sign pricing or materials, contact us here or via email at

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