We <3 Wichita!

Today marks the 147th birthday of our lovely city, Wichita. To celebrate, we’re taking a look at recent jobs we did featuring the Wichita Flag. Check it out!

Starting with the truck: (1) Wichita Flag truck done for Auto Craft/Wichita Chamber, (2) etch installed on the front of our building, (3) backlit sign […]

Take the Stress out of Storefront Signage

There’s no denying that moving into a new facility can be a daunting task. Just packing and unpacking are stressful! So what happens when you need new signage for an entire office? Call us. We’ll arrange a time to come out and survey any current signs and provide a quote shortly after. Depending on […]

Storefront Signage—An Important Investment

One aspect many new business owners can tend to overlook is well-designed, professionally installed storefront signage. An incredibly cost-effective form of advertisement ($0.02 per 1000 views), signage is exceedingly important in garnering new clientele. Think about it. Maybe one weekend you’re exploring a new part of town and come across two businesses. One has […]