Take the Stress out of Storefront Signage

There’s no denying that moving into a new facility can be a daunting task. Just packing and unpacking are stressful! So what happens when you need new signage for an entire office? Call us. We’ll arrange a time to come out and survey any current signs and provide a quote shortly after. Depending on the existing signage, you typically have three options: resurface, replace, or remove.

Resurfacing existing signs usually involves removing the vinyl or graphics off of old sign faces and installing new graphics. This is a less expensive option for those on a tight budget. However, it isn’t always the most feasible option.

Leading Technology Composite Campus Sign

This is a sign that was resurfaced for a client. Old graphics were removed and replaced with dimensional lettering to provide a sleek, modern feel.

Sometimes those sign faces have painted graphics or are simply old and falling apart. In these instances it’s better to replace the sign face altogether. Though a bit costlier, this can still be an economical solution.

Perhaps the new location doesn’t offer signage that suits your business at all. This situation requires removal of existing and installation of new signage. One example would be a building with 3D letters mounted to the storefront. Unless your new business has the same name, these will need to be taken down to make room for new signs.

LTC Monument Sign

Another sign for the client above, we manufactured this monument sign for a building that didn’t have any existing signage.

Business signage doesn’t have to be a nightmare! We can guide you throughout the entire process from site survey to installation. Contact us here or call (316) 264-7446 for a quote.