Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is a chain of stores that specializes in budget-friendly, all natural foods, supplements, hygiene products, and more. The chain introduced its first store to Wichita a few years ago. We had the opportunity to help them with some storefront graphics in 2012. Check those out here. They are currently in the process of adding their second location to west Wichita (13th & Maize). The grand opening is Feb. 24, so make sure you mark your calendars! This time around we installed a number of wall graphics to the store’s interior. Take a look—

2015-01-14 15.45.51 - Copy

2015-01-14 15.45.57 - Copy











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2015-01-14 15.44.16 - Copy

2015-01-14 15.44.04 - Copy

2015-01-14 15.43.44 - Copy

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