Employee Gifts for ANY Budget

A quick heads up to employers everywhere— National Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner (March 4th). According to a recent Forbes article, recognition is one of the top factors influencing the quality of an employee’s work. Those who know they are appreciated are far more likely to produce ‘great work’ than those who do not. Thus, it’s important to let employees know how much their contributions mean to your business. An easy way to express your gratitude is a gift. We’ve got numerous options available to fit any budget.

Messenger Bags

Employees often end up taking work home or visiting other businesses to give presentations. Help them stay organized by keeping all work-related items in a single bag. Two of our favorite options are the Excursion Cargo Messenger, which starts around $15 each for a QTY of 44 and the Verve Checkpoint-Friendly Compu-Messenger, which starts at $31 each for a QTY of 24. The latter is great for employees are constantly flying.

messenger bags

Wine Bottle Cooler

Enough about work. Put a nice bottle of wine in these customized coolers and you’ve got a gift employees are sure to appreciate! With a minimum quantity of 50 and prices starting at $6/cooler, these are also great for customer appreciation.

wine bottle cooler

Pint and Wine Glasses

Speaking of wine! How about pairing a nice bottle of wine/liquor with one of our pint or wine glasses? Our 16 oz. pint glass starts around $12/glass for a quantity of 12. The etched logo makes these dishwasher-safe (Bonus!). Our other option is a 12 oz. stemless wine glass, also complete with etched logo and same pricing.

pint and wine glasses

Decanter Set

Have your employees been invaluable to your business? Let them know with this 5-piece crystal decanter set! The 26 oz. decanter and four 13 oz glasses come with etched logos and prices start around $73 per set.

crystal decanter set


Tumblers and Mugs

You can’t go wrong with our sleek double-walled aluminum tumbler. Available in six color combinations, these have a full-color, two-location imprint. Pricing begins at $7/tumbler for a quantity of 50. Make your workers’ lives just a tad easier with a self-stirring mug. These come with a one-color, one-location imprint and have a starting price of $8 each.

tumblers and mugs

Action Dice

Maybe you’d prefer to go the motivational route when articulating your thanks. These action dice offer 36 different leadership phrases guaranteed to motivate your employees. Prices start at $16 each for a quantity of 48.action dice


Bluetooth Solo Speaker

Music is a wonderful thing. It can help us unwind or it can increase our performance. Use this to your advantage and gift employees with these rechargeable Bluetooth compatible speakers. They pair with Apple and Android devices. Starting price is approximately $29/speaker with a minimum quantity of 12.

bluetooth speaker

Crystal Award

Prefer to go old school with your employee appreciation? These crystal cube awards are a great way to acknowledge employees’ hard work and dedication. You can get them for roughly $13/award with a minimum order of 25.

crystal award


Leatherette Padfolio

These beautiful leatherette-bound padfolios are an ideal gift for employees that spend most of their time meeting with coworkers or clients. Minimum quantity for this particular item is 50, and prices start around $12 each.

leather padfolio

Brass Cap Pen Set

Want a great addition to the padfolio? Check out our pen & pencil sets. Our first option is a beautiful pencil/pen combination with engraved logos and a leather case. Pricing begins at $16/pair for a quantity of 50. The second option is also a laser-engraved pencil/pen combo, but it’s housed in an engraved Redwood case. Prices start at $13/pair for a quantity of 25.

pen/pencil combinations

Trunk Organizer

Another great gift for the employee who is always on the road— our handy dandy trunk organizer! Whether sorting groceries, emergency supplies, or work-related items, this trunk organizer will get put to good use. Pricing starts around $11 apiece for 50.

trunk organizer

Canvas Duffel Bag

This luxurious canvas duffel bag is perfect for travel. It meets the legal carry-on size, has a top-side zipper, and an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s made with canvas, genuine leather, and vegan leather and comes in a beige/brown combination. Prices start around $75 each for five.

canvas duffel bag


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