8 Essential Products For Fleet Vehicles

Maintaining a constantly expanding fleet of vehicles can be difficult. We understand! Aside from standard vehicle maintenance, you have to worry about branding each vehicle. If you aren’t using vinyl graphics to build your brand, you might want to reconsider. Don’t believe us? Check out this article about vehicle advertisements.

While vehicle graphics are important, it’s also imperative to outfit  your fleet with other items to build your brand and promote employee safety. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of vital products for all fleet vehicles. Take a look.

1) Emergency Kit

Help ensure employees’ safety should something go awry by stowing an emergency kit in every fleet vehicle. We offer a number of options, all containing similar items: jumper cables, neon triangles, gas siphon, flashlight, tire gauge, and work gloves.

Vehicle Emergency Kit

This kit starts at $45 apiece and includes jumper cables, a reflective triangle, 2 bungee cords, a Mylar blanket, a Flathead screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a gas siphon, 2 glow sticks, pair of work gloves, a tire gauge, an Allen key set, and a flashlight.

 2) Phone Mount

This product is another way to let your employees know that safety is a priority. Sometimes talking on the phone while driving is unavoidable. Phone mounts like the one below allow drivers to talk on the phone hands-free.

Air Vent Phone Mount

These start at just $9 per mount. It offers a 360 degree swivel ball joint, fits both Androids and iPhones, and can be custom printed with your company’s logo.

3) Key Chain

You can’t operate a vehicle without keys! Identify fleet vehicle keys with custom printed key chains. We offer numerous basic, printed key tags or more elaborate multipurpose tool key chains like the one pictured below.

everything tool

The Everything Tool is a fitting name for this nifty key chain. It acts as a flash light, bottle and can opener, pocket knife, and a pen. Bonus: the carabiner clip allows employes to hook keys to a belt loop or purse while away from the vehicle.

4) First Aid Kit

This ties in with our recommendation for a vehicle emergency kit. Should an accident occur, help employees stay prepared by equipping fleet vehicles with fully-stocked first aid kits. Whether you want something for minor cuts and injuries or something a little more substantial, we have the product you need!

First Aid Kit

With a starting price of $10 apiece, these kits offer a basic first aid guide, an instant ice pack, gauze, sterile gloves, medical scissors, Wet Ones wipes, bite and sting relief, basic bandages, antiseptic, burn cream, and alcohol wipes.

5) Custom License Plates

License plates are an easy way to mark each individual vehicle or to completely brand the fleet. You can also give these away to clientele and employees’ families to boost your brand’s visibility.

custom printed license plates

Starting at about $5 apiece, these license plates allow for embossed artwork. Don’t want to do a letter? Not an issue; we can print a logo instead!

6) Power Bank

Power banks are neat, lesser-known devices! They’re portable chargers for electronics. Hand them out to employees or stock each vehicle in your fleet with one in case of emergencies. Should an accident occur or an employee get stranded in inclement weather with a dying cell phone, he or she can simply plug the phone into the bank and quickly charge it.

power bank

This nifty power bank also functions as a flashlight. It can be charged by plugging the device into a cigarette lighter. Another bonus? It’s magnetic! This is one of our pricier options, starting at $32. We do offer less expensive power banks that aren’t multi-functional.

7) Hanging Tags

Sometimes getting graphics installed onto new fleet vehicles gets placed on the back burner. It’s understandable. Utilizing a fleet vehicle can be more important than branding it, especially for smaller businesses. Amend the situation and mark the vehicle as part of a fleet by using tags that hang from the rearview mirror.

These numbered parking decals start around $2-3 per tag. Don't want a hanging decal? We can also make vinyl decals for vehicle windows.

These numbered parking decals start around $2-3 per tag. Don’t want a hanging decal? We can also make vinyl decals for vehicle windows.

8) Trailer Hitch Cover

We’re looking at you, construction and installation companies! Trailer hitches have a nasty habit of being swiped off of vehicles. Thus customized trailer hitch covers are perfect for times when you’re not actually towing a trailer.  Plus, they’re another great opportunity for advertising your business! Hand them out to clientele or employees as a unique promotional product.

Trailer Hitch Cover

Covers can be completely customized, you don’t have to stick with plain black and white! This option is available starting at $5 each.

See something you can’t live without? Give us a call at (316) 264-7446 or contact us here to get a quote. Someone will be in touch within one or two business days.