7 Promotional Products Perfect for Summer

It’s time to stop handing out the same-old, stereotypical promotional products. Next time your company attends an event, make an impression by giving away useful, innovative items. Need ideas? You’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of promo items perfect for summer events such as auto and air shows, outdoor concerts, music festivals, health fairs, and more.


1. Sunscreen

People always forget to apply sunscreen and/or take it with them to outdoor events. Show the crowd you care by handing out tubes of sunscreen with custom-printed labels. Those in attendance will appreciate the thoughtfulness and usefulness of your promotional product. Don’t want to hand out plain old tubes? We’ve got an array of sunscreen sprays and lotions that come with cases, clips, and more!



2. Lip Balm

Quite a few people use lip balm daily. Make sure that your target audience sees your brand with every application and hand out tubes of chapstick at your next event. This particular item is great for outdoor festivals, sporting events, health expos, etc. Choose from a variety of lip balms including, SPF, all-natural, organic, and matte finish.


3. Tote Bags

Ever been to a trade show and wished you’d brought a bag to carry all the freebies? You’re not alone. Do everyone a favor at your next expo by handing out totes. Not only will attendees be happy they stopped by your booth, but your company’s logo will receive maximum visibility throughout the day!




4. Sunglasses

Wayfarers and aviators are popular sunglasses options. Build your brand by handing out custom sunglasses at music festivals, air shows, and the like. With literally hundreds of colors and printing options, sunglasses are sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


5.  Water bottles & Tumblers

Healthy items are quickly becoming trendy items. Maybe your business doesn’t partake in expos, but you have a health-related mission. Give new clients and/or employees higher-end water bottles or tumblers. They’ll appreciate the thought and actually put the item to good use!

water bottle

6. Coolers

Are you in the fishing, camping, or outdoor recreation industries? Coolers might be the perfect promo product for you! Smaller, six-can coolers are great for the avid outdoors-man. They’re large enough to hold a decent amount of food and/or beverages, but not too bulky to lug around all day.


7. Coozies

Another idea for the lake-dwelling types: coozies. Nobody enjoys a warm can of soda on a hot summer day! Customers will be reminded of your business each time they enjoy a cold one, courtesy of your custom-printed coozie, out by the lake.


Every product featured in this post is something with which Signs & Design can provide you. Check out our extensive list of promotional products here.