5 Completely Customizable Holiday Gift Ideas

As Black Friday looms nearer, many are preparing themselves to fight the masses as they venture out to finish all of their holiday shopping.  Why deal with the crowds and stress? Signs & Design offers an array of products that your family and friends would love to receive at an affordable price!  Call us today at (316) 264-7446 and ask how we can help make your holiday a stress-free experience.



1. Light Box Frames

The light box frame, has been especially popular with sports and vehicle fanatics! Light box frames enhance a photo’s dramatic effect by creating a more drastic contrast in the colors of theimage. With the frame’s lights on, your photo will truly pop! Available in two different sizes, these frames can be displayed on an easel or mounted on the wall with standoffs.


2.  “Official” Parking Signs

Don’t know what to get your family’s car enthusiast this holiday? Why not get him an “official” parking sign? Signs are available with nearly any type of vehicle, and can be wall-mounted. We also have standard poles w

ith wheels available for toting custom signage to car shows and other events.


3.  Vinyl Wrapped Products

Do you have a seasoned or aspiring musician in the family? Make that person’s holiday by having his or her instrument custom-wrapped! Vinyl graphics are a popular choice, particularly when it comes to drum sets. They’re durable, easy to change, and add some much needed flair!


4. Custom Printed Doors

Have you seen the custom-printed doors on display in our office? These doors are great gift ideas, especially for children’s rooms! Printing is available on one or both sides. Call us today to discuss  image requirements for personalized doors!


5. Canvas Wraps

Another alternative to light box frames or standard picture frames is the canvas wrap. Signs & Design can create a custom canvas wrap for you (frame and all) at a competitive price! We can print an image as high as 46″ with no limitation to width. Canvas wraps are perfect for sharing memories with friends and family members!