4 Simple & Inexpensive Promotional Products

Anyone who has attended a trade show or expo can tell you one of the things to look forward to is all the swag. An issue vendors commonly encounter when prepping for major events is finding an effective promotional product that clients will utilize rather than toss in the trash. We’re here to help! Here are four popular promotional products that are offered in an array of colors, styles, and sizes!


1. Pens








Everyone loves a good pen. Bonus points for handing out pens with cushioned grips! Pens are inexpensive and provide plenty of room for your business’s logo and pertinent information. Signs & Designs offers pens in all colors and styles. Custom pen sets can even be purchased as gifts for employees and clients.

2. Bags











Bags are a fantastic item to use as trade show freebies because attendees end up using them to carry around all of their other promo items! Plus, you can slide business cards and additional freebies into a bag before giving it away. The most common bags used as promotional products are drawstring backpacks and reusable shopping bags.

3. Cups












Cups are great! Clients can use them around the office or at home. Similar to bags, cups can be filled with other promo items, candies, flyers, etc. They can be handed out at an expo or used at a company party. Signs & Design offers cups in a variety of sizes (from shot glasses to large coffee tumblers). If you’re looking for a promotional product your client is guaranteed to utilize, cups are the way to go!

4. Magnets












A decent magnet will stay with your client for quite some time, particularly if that magnet serves a dual purpose (like the magnetic clip above). Magnetic clips are typically placed on a fridge or filing cabinet, and serve as constant reminders of your company’s name and purpose.


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