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Need t-shirts for an event or group? We have several styles on sale through this weekend! Contact us today for pricing.


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Need new pens for your business? Check out the Turaco pen, on sale through November 25th! Note: Pricing doesn’t include shipping and set up fees.


Looking for a good read?

We’ve been waiting for what seems like FOREVER to show off our latest creation! Check out the giant book we created for the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting. Shark Tank’s Daymond John will be the featured speaker this year, and a few of Wichita’s local entrepreneurs will get to pitch ideas to him. How exciting is that?!


The event is on December 1st at 5pm. Ticket prices start at $35. For more information, contact the Wichita Chamber.

Do you have a unique idea for your upcoming event? Let us know! We love when clients challenge us with creative projects.



Custom Monument Sign: Aldersgate ReNew Campus

Mike and Carolyn have always been quite involved in their church, Aldersgate. Recently the church decided to open a second campus in Wichita. So it was no surprise that we got to help create tons of signage for the ReNew campus. While we take pride in all of our work, we’re particularly proud of the custom monument sign below.


Eye catching, isn’t it? The lime and brushed aluminum really pop against the dark brown aluminum. And, the added panel with worship times down at the bottom makes the sign feel complete. Monument signs can come with a hefty price tag, but they are also worth the investment. A quality monument sign will last for years, and using removable panels like the acrylic down at the bottom of this one ensures that you can change information with ease. Interested in a monument sign of your own? Contact us today for a quote.

VFW Trailer Vinyl

Custom graphics aren’t limited to vehicles alone. If you’re constantly hauling trailers for your business or group, consider having trailer graphics installed. Recently VFW Post #6957 from Haysville approached us about installing custom art on their trailer. Manny quickly created this design and shortly after we completed the install.


Vehicle graphics have consistently been shown to be one of the best investments you can make for your business. They reach 1000s of consumers on a daily basis, guaranteeing every penny paid is a penny well spent.

We often have clients call in to get a quote for graphics like these over the phone. However, we prefer to have the vehicle or trailer brought down to the shop. Things like rivets in the sides, doors, and paneling can often change the labor or vinyl used, thus affecting the quote. If you’d like to talk with someone about trailer graphics, call us at (316) 264-7446 to schedule a time to bring your vehicle or trailer by.

Uno Mas Truck Wrap

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular, especially here in Wichita. And just like any dine-in restaurant, ambiance is vital to drawing in new customers. Think about it. Would you be interested in approaching a grungy food truck with a hand-scrawled cardboard sign for a menu? Maybe if you’re a risk taker, but definitely not if you’re like the majority of the population. This is why quality graphics on your mobile restaurant are a smart investment. We’ve helped install graphics on a number of Wichita’s food trucks including Wichita Brewing Company’s Hopperoni Express and Uno Mas.  Check it out—





We can’t take the credit for the graphic design of this wrap. Clutch Studio designed it, but we printed and installed the graphics. Are you in the market for vehicle graphics of your own? Stop by the office to get a quote for anything from minor vinyl decals to a full wrap. Our office hours are 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

Market Your Brand With Back To School Promo

If children and/or parents are your target market, don’t overlook back to school products as a way to build your brand and boost sales. Items like water bottles and lunch pails are used daily and often seen by both parent and child. One thing we always stress to clients is that consumers love useful promotional products. In fact a study conducted by PPAI found that usefulness was the main factor affecting whether or not consumers kept promotional products. Health items ranked second on the list of most useful products. View our list back to school items below!

Drawstring Bags

Especially popular with preteens and up, drawstring bags have multiple uses. Students can use them to tote personal belongings on field trips, store gym clothes during the school day, keep smaller school supplies in, etc. Up the usefulness by splurging on bags with zippered compartments on the front.

backpacks joined

Water Bottles

If Rhianna wrote a song about water, she’d tell you to “Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink” it all day long. Encourage the younger generation to build and maintain healthy habits by donating branded water bottles to local schools. Insulated options are great for sporting events and field trips while the plastic collapsible bottles are ideal for daily use.

water bottles joined

Lunch Bags

Another product used daily— the lunch pail. Are you a distributor of food or beverages? Consider handing out free lunch pails with your logo at an upcoming school event. Parents and children will be reminded of your brand each day.

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Flash Drives

Who says flash drives are a thing of the past? These come in handy for older students working on essays and research projects or teachers keeping track of tons of information. Our wristband option is a perfect for those who are constantly forgetting to bring their flash drives to class.

USB joined


Interested in a different promotional product not featured here? Check out our database of available products . We guarantee you’ll find the perfect item for your brand!

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Need new pens for your business? Check out the Meemo pen, on sale through July 31st! Note: Pricing doesn’t include shipping and set up fees.


12 Must-Have Products for Any 4th of July Celebration

Are you planning an Independence Day celebration or a patriotic party? Don’t finalize the details without browsing these affordable, products to turn your party into a true celebration! From coolers to party favors, we have a variety of products available for your celebration.

Drawstring Bag

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These patriotic backpacks are the perfect product for beach and other outdoor parties. Made of 600 Denier polyester, prices start at $4.25 each for QTY 500.

17 Fresh, Fun Promotional Products For Summer

As business owners and managers, we love tried-and-true methods of advertising. Why change something that’s working, right? Don’t fall into this trap with your promotional products. Distributing a wider variety of promotional products will benefit your business because it puts your name in front of a more diverse target market. Pens and cups are great, but you can bet that all of your competitors are likely handing out similar products. Set your business apart by handing out timely products. Some of our seasonal products for the summer include insulated tumblers, coolers, and camping chairs. For more ideas, browse our selection below or view our entire promo product database here.

Floating Flip-Flop Keychain

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Don't go near the water without this fantastic floating key chain. Perfect for hotels, marinas, and swimming pools, these colorful key chains start at $1.99 each for 100.

Find a product that caught your eye? Request a quote and someone will be in touch within 1-2 business days.