Top 10 Tips for Effective Sign Usage

Effective signage is truly the difference between revenue growth and a stagnant bottom line. Unfortunately, all too often signs are an after-thought, and businesses just put up something that’s cheap. Big mistake! Avoid common pitfalls with these tips.

Tip #1: Less is more.

Whatever your sign’s purpose, less is always more. Think fewer colors, less text, and one bold graphic instead of several competing images. The more information you squeeze on a sign, the less information your customers will remember. Edit, edit, edit!

Tip #2: First impressions count.

It’s true: people will judge your business by how it looks from the outside. A quality sign is critical to projecting a professional image. Don’t skimp on materials or printing; it will just come back to hurt your brand. 

Tip #3: Understand the concept of ‘first read.’

All signs should have a focal point that immediately attracts your customer’s attention. Ideally, this should be your business logo or marketing message.

Tip #4: Capture attention and use it.

Stand out with bold graphics or bright contrasting colors. And once you’ve got your customer’s attention, be sure your sign clear and concisely communicates your marketing message.

Tip #5: See, shop and purchase.

Nearly half of all retail sales come from impulse buys. If your store is poorly signed or lacks sign advertising all together, you’re robbing your business of critical impulse purchases.

Tip #6: Make sure your sign is easy to see.

Don’t hide your sign behind outdoor landscaping or a store shelf cluttered with merchandise. If the view of your sign is obstructed, no one will take the time to read it.

Tip #7: Ask for help.

Designing, producing and installing effective signage can seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. A reputable signage company will have a team of friendly and professional graphic designers and production managers on-staff, who can help turn your ideas into reality. Their job is to help you – just ask.

Tip #8: Light it up.

Whether your sign is indoors or outside, it needs to be well lit. A few, inexpensive lights will ensure your sign is seen come day or night.

Tip #9: Set the mood.

Whether it’s contemporary and cool or upscale and luxurious, signs at the entrance to stores, businesses and restaurants tell customers the type of building they’re about to enter, and prime them for a positive experience.

Tip #10: Hang it.

The ideal signage solution for storefronts and restaurants in busy pedestrian areas is a hanging sign. While pedestrians can sometimes miss large signs on top of buildings, a hanging sign positioned at eye-level will stand out. 


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