Think About the Design of Your Vehicle Wrap.

We all know that vehicle wraps help build brand awareness, especially for local businesses. Vehicle wraps get thousands of views a day. If you are a local business, people that see your vehicle have a recognition when it comes to your company name or logo because they see you multiple time in their lifetime, week, or maybe even day. Now, when people see your vehicle, you want them to quickly see the information to get into contact with you.

Design is extremely important in the the wrap process. You need to make sure your design is consistent with your brand and gets your message across clearly and quickly. 

Most of the time, people are seeing your wrap as it is driving by. You want potential customers to collect three key pieces of info.

1. WHO you are.

This one is pretty obvious – but your company name and logo should be the focal point of the design. Make sure people can see your company name quickly. Most business owners see the benefit in having their company vehicles wrapped.

2. WHAT you do.

Make sure people know what services you provide. Sure, sometimes there are a wide variety of services you provide and it would be hard to list them all.

For instance, if you are a handyman, simply put handyman. If you want to list a couple key services, do that. If you are a plumber, put plumbing or plumber on there.

People will not have time to read every service you offer. They can get all that information by visiting your website or giving you call.

3. HOW they can contact you.

Let people know how they can get in touch with you if they need your product or service. Most of the time you want to include your website and phone number. Something people can remember easily.


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