How Do I Clean My Sign?

How Should I Clean and Store My Banners?

Taking care of your banner gives your business, organization, etc. a great impression. Here is a quick and easy tip to cleaning your banner. It is recommended to clean vinyl banner wit a mild dose of soap and water. DO NOT use any aggressive chemicals, abrasive materials, or cleaning pads that could possibly ruin the color print. It is important to rinse the soap completely to ensure all of the soap residue is removed. Be sure to dry you banner before storing.

When storing your banner, roll them with the lettering facing to the outside. It is very important to remember that a banner is NEVER to be folded — always roll!

Are the Magnetic Signs on Your Vehicle Filthy?

To care for a magnetic sign, remove the magnetic sign from the vehicle at least every two weeks. Clean the vehicle and the sign with a gentle cleaning solution and water. Reapply the magnetic signs to a clean, dry surface. Even if it rains a lot where you are, take the time to remove the signs, clean them and reapply them to you car’s clean, dry surface.

How to Clean Your Acrylic Sign.

Acrylic logos are fairly easy to clean, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the best results. DO NOT use any kind of cleaning agent that contains ammonia or harsh chemicals. NEVER use glass cleaners or common kitchen grease cleaners on your acrylic signs. AVOID abrasive material. Rough scouring pads or cloths can cause the dirt you are wiping off to also be ground into the acrylic, causing tiny scratches. Finally, never wipe your acrylic sign with a dry cloth, as this can also grind the dirt into the acrylic in much the same way as scouring materials will do.

Now that you know what to avoid, let’s concentrate on how easy it is to clean acrylic logo signs the proper way.

The best way to clean acrylic logo signs is with clean, lukewarm water and a clean, soft, nonabrasive, non-linting cloth. If the sign is large and located out of reach, you can use a pressure washer instead.  Mild soap or detergent can be mixed with the lukewarm water when necessary.

For a streak-free sign, dry with a clean, dry soft cloth.  Gently blotting the sign with the cloth is the safest way to ensure a beautiful result. For signs that cannot be easily reached, you can simply allow the sign to air dry.

If your sign has a more stubborn cleaning problem, you can purchase cleaning agents designed specifically for acrylic. Make sure to double-check that any cleaner you purchase, other than a mild soap or detergent, is safe to use on acrylic. These products are specially designed to clean, polish or buff acrylic and can be found at your local hardware store or online.  Follow the directions on the product, use soft clean cloths, and your acrylic logo sign should continue to look as clean and brilliant as the day you bought it.

How to Clean a Metal Sign.

You probably spent a good bit of money having your custom metal signs made so it’s important to know how to clean and keep them looking new so they attract new business and build your brand. Custom metal signs are generally very easy to clean and maintain but specific metals or coatings may come with special handling instructions. The following five-step method is a general guide for cleaning most metal signs and logos.

Step One: Always use a soft cotton cloth to lightly wipe away any loose dust on the sign. Use a light touch to avoid scratching the metal.  

Step Two: Fill a bucket with warm water, adding 1 cup of mild liquid dish soap and 1 cup of white vinegar. 

Step Three: Dip a soft cotton cloth in the cleaning solution. Wring out the cloth well.  

Step Four: Gently wash the metal sign with the wet cloth, re- wetting as needed. Again, use a light touch to avoid scratching the metal. 

Step Five: Dry sign with a clean, dry, soft cotton cloth. And last but not least: Note: It’s important these cloths be soft and dry or you risk scratching your custom metal sign. NEVER use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean custom metal signs, unless the manufacturer of the sign specifically states otherwise. If your metal sign comes with cleaning instructions, read them carefully before cleaning your sign. 

If you follow these five easy steps you’ll be able to save money by self maintaining your signs and keep your signs looking their best. 


 For more information on cleaning your custom signs or in having one made for your company, contact us today!